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Is My Kitty Overweight?

Just like human, animals do gain weight and grow overweight as well. What if you suspect your dear kitty at home is showing signs of obesity but you aren't too sure about it? You are also wondering what will happen to your kitty if it is overweight and how to help it reduce the weight? This is totally unlike human where we can control our weight by going on a healthier diet and do the workouts or exercises. So, lets first look at how we determine if our dear kitty is overweight. In general, most cats should be around 7-12 lbs but ideally the weight is still depends on the size of the individual cat’s frame. In this case, we are...

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Reasons Why Kitties Are Cute

Come on, we all know that kitties are for sure one of the cutest animal on earth :) But why do human so deeply associate them with cuteness even though this little cute thing can tear through skins and upholstery so easily and effortlessly with their razor-sharp claws? Why do we still scoop them up like our most precious little baby when they jump up and down the furniture and over-turn the indoor plants and vase? Oh well, according to some scientific research, the researchers found out the possible reasons behind this: Kitties have super soft fur It is generally a human reactions where we are all attracted to something that are visually appealing and feel good and nice when we touch it....

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What is Catnip and is it Safe for Kitties?

Quite a number of articles have been written on catnips and its effect on kitties, with photos of them in a state of 'high' that can be quite hilarious. And there is a wide range of products with catnip incorporated to reduce anxiety when sniffed at, or ingested. But then, what is catnip and why the craze over it? Nepeta cataria, or more commonly known as catnip, is a plant native to parts of Europe and Asia. It's a greyish-green plant with jagged heart shaped leaves and thick stems that are both covered in fuzzy hairs. The active ingredient is called nepetalactone, which many domestic cats respond to in a variety of different ways. In fact, big cats like jaguars,...

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