Reasons Why Kitties Are Cute

Come on, we all know that kitties are for sure one of the cutest animal on earth :) But why do human so deeply associate them with cuteness even though this little cute thing can tear through skins and upholstery so easily and effortlessly with their razor-sharp claws? Why do we still scoop them up like our most precious little baby when they jump up and down the furniture and over-turn the indoor plants and vase?

Oh well, according to some scientific research, the researchers found out the possible reasons behind this:

Kitties have super soft fur

It is generally a human reactions where we are all attracted to something that are visually appealing and feel good and nice when we touch it. Kitties fit these perfectly and it triggers a nice feeling to us when we run through our fingers over the soft fur on kitties :)

Resemble human baby who needs constant care and love

The scientist research also further prove that when something resembles more like a human baby, the more we think it is cuter. What happen is that it will trigger a neurological responses within human body and it is the human instinct to want to protect and cuddle it, just like babies who are being seen as fragile, helpless and require constant care and love.

Kitties purrs have healing properties

The average range of a cat’s purr is within 20-150 Hz. Scientists already know that sounds within this range can be used in therapeutic medicine to help heal bones and soft tissue. 

Kitties simply know that when we are feeling sad/down (Aww...So sweet!)

Researchers have also found out that kitties have a very strong sense of connection toward their owner's feelings. When the owner is feeling sad, they will come and cuddle and rub their body against yours. This is their body language of trying to make you feel better.


Other non-scientific and more from a phycological point of view are:

Kitties will simply curl up around your feet instead of somewhere else. Like human, kitties also want to be closed to its owner and feel a sense of warm and safe feeling around them.

Kitties are the king/queen of the house. They will kinda like sit on the couch or chair as if it belongs to them. Since they do that matter-of-factly, we will not bear to shoo them away :)

Kitties always spin themselves around chasing for their own tail. 

When they give a little sneezes :)

When they try to wake you up by gently pawing your face and licking.

When they subtly flick their ears and tail in excitement.

The list goes on...

Do feel free to share/comment below on what other reasons why you think kitties are cute. If you have a pet cat, share with us its cutest moments so we all can share the joy together!

Cheers to our cutie pie kitties out there!

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