Our Story



It all started back one day somewhere in Apr 2018...

When me and my wife May, were on my way back office from our lunch at the usual hangout, I heard a rather mellowed series of meows round the corner of a neighbourhood store.

The curiosity in me (I guess curiosity kills the cat!) wanted to find the source of the cat purr, and right in front of me, stood a ginger cat with an inquisitive pair of eyes directing at me.

I must admit I had never been a cat person in my entire life, but looking at that pair of eyes makes me wanted to find out more... Was it lost? hungry?

It decided to follow us as we were leaving, and May pointed out that it's probably fate that brought the cat to us, and we should probably bring it home.

Turn out the ginger cat was unowned and untagged, and it was such an endearing and sweet tabby that we decided to keep it, and we named it Gin.

Gin was a joy (and a pain at times too!), with a sweet personality, and a very playful side as well. He always brings cheers and happiness to our loved ones and friends.

We have lost counts of the many trips made to local pet stores as well as browsing online stores for cat food and products. Like all the cat lovers, we are constantly looking for products that are safe, meaningful and fun for our beloved Gin.

I soon realised that there are many great cat products, as well as many more crappy products out there. We have probably tried hundreds and thousands of products in the market, and know what works and what doesn't.

It suddenly occurred to us that setting up a store is the next right thing to do, and thus kittylush was born.

At kittylush, we cut the bullshit, and curate the best kitty products from the world that works, so that you don’t have to.

If you have any question, feel free to contact us below or email us at info@kittylush.com.



Steve, May and Gin